From the moment I went natural I’ve been obsessed with everything about natural hair. Soon I came to a point where I wanted to share my knowledge besides only bothering my boyfriend with almost everything that I have learned and seen! LOL.

So I decided to do something good with it and I asked these beautiful nice girls of if I could write for them. After a test article they said…….. YES!! Woohoo I was and still am so happy. My mind was full of ideas and I could not wait to begin. is an online Black Hair magazine in Holland. This great magazine informs, inspires and brings all people with afro hair together. The daily updates ensure that you are always aware of the latest trends about black hair, black hair products and fashion. Every week I am writing two articles mostly about natural hair.

I will update you about what I have written about. You can see it as a portfolio. On My Curly Mind I will collect all these articles I am writing and going to write. I’m so excited to share this with you! So check it out! These articles are in Dutch but I will give you a short description of the article.

The posts are linked to the website of MyBlackHair, so you can read the whole article.

So if you missed it you can read the articles here. I’m to busy now to post my articles for MyBlackHair on my just check out

And thanks to Google’s Translate you can read it in English or even in your own language!

I hope you like it.