DIY Deep Conditioner voor droog haar


BIG Announcement…

Hey y’all it’s been years that I’ve posted something on my blog. My Curly Mind is on Youtube now …yeaaah! You will see videos about hair, lifestyle, personal stories and more on my channel. The only thing is that my videos will be in Dutch. Because it’s easier for me haha. But you can still check it out! I will upload a new video every sunday! I would love to see you there!

In this video I share my wash day routine! Enjoy!

DIY | How To Achieve a Curly Set w/ No Heat

This is a very easy and handy DIY if you don’t have rollers or flexy rods. I saw this DIY at Youtuber Nalia1908. The only tool you need for this style is aluminium foil. Make sure you use some (styling)products (or water, oil, sheabutter) for your hair before you put the foil in. I did it with twists.

What to do?

stap 1... stap 2...stap 3... stap 4... stap 5... stap 6...






*For more definition, make sure you put the foil a set time. Cause I did it way too short in my hair. (lol)

HAIRTALK | I considered a second big chop!

Hi guys,

It’s already been 2 and a half years since I got back natural. Yeaah! I’m still happy to be natural, but there were times where I considered a second big chop and start all over again.

My hair wasn’t feeling it, I wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t use the right products for my hair! And all of that caused breakage on the sides.Very-frustrated-and-angry-woman-pulling-her-natural-hair-300x186

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