HAIRTALK | I considered a second big chop!

Hi guys,

It’s already been 2 and a half years since I got back natural. Yeaah! I’m still happy to be natural, but there were times where I considered a second big chop and start all over again.

My hair wasn’t feeling it, I wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t use the right products for my hair! And all of that caused breakage on the sides.Very-frustrated-and-angry-woman-pulling-her-natural-hair-300x186

Something needed to change, cause I felt that I neglected my hair. A second big chop wasn’t it for me. So I am trying to keep it simple and grow my curls healthy. How?

1. Invest in good hairproducts

2. Be gentle to your hair

3. “Let go of perfect hair, let your hair just be” (check this video of Youtuber Taren Guy)

4. Stick to your regimen

5. Eat and drink well

6. Trim your hair (by yourself or professional)

For the ones who are struggling with their natural hair journey watch this video of Youtuber Glamfun. I really can relate to her story.


Let me know if you ever considered a second big chop? Did you go through with it? Why and why not?


7 thoughts on “HAIRTALK | I considered a second big chop!

  1. Latoya

    Interessant!! Ik zou het zelf niet nog een keer helemaal afknippen, maar desnoods bijknippen en goed wassen met en een begin maken met een nieuw product. Het is denk ik gewoon allemaal uitproberen.

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