The High Bun

This style is so cute! I wanted to do something different with my hair so I tried this style for the first time. It’s called: The TIGHT Bun! In order to do this style you actually need to have stretched hair. My hair wasn’t stretched but I wanted to do it anyway. So I separated and combed my hair with a wide tooth comb by starting with the ends. My hair wasn’t wet and I did not use any products. Yes I know a NO GO and I broke my own natural hair rules.

But my hair was ready…

The results: it was a tight little bun.

photo high bunhigh bun











It looks nice, right? I knew that this was not good for my edges, because it was too tight, but I wanted to look cute. The next day my hair was still in the same position so I did the high bun again and did this style for four days. Maybe not such a good idea…Because the bun was too tight, the skin of my head felt stressed and a cyst that I had on my head for 15 years started to feel sensitive. OMG what did I do to myself and my hair?!? I will not do this style again untill my hair is much much longer.

Bye bye tight high bun..I will try you next year again!

Have you experienced something like this??


6 thoughts on “The High Bun

  1. shianwrites

    You look great.. I use to do that all the time, every single day for years while in high school, and to this day hair is missing from the side of my head.

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