Natural Hair | The in-between (awkward) stage

When your hair is getting longer but still to short for some hairstyles…you are in the awkward stage ladies. I noticed when I saw a picture from the back of my hair where the middle and the back lays in a weird position and the front of my hair is doing his own thing. From the front it is looking pretty nice. My boyfriend is telling me to cut it into shape..haha. No I can’t and don’t want to do that cause I’m in the awkward stage and I need to get through this! There were a few moments where I thought I’d be doing the second big chop or braid my hair. But it’s growing and part of the journey, just accept it! Here are some pictures of my hair in that awkward length. Look what I’m watching…haha it’s Jess from Magohanycurls.

foto(1)awkward stage


10 thoughts on “Natural Hair | The in-between (awkward) stage

  1. My boyfriend’s hair is sort of in an awkward stage. The back is very short, but the front is very long. We’re trying to figure out how to get the two areas to grow at the same rate :-/ no luck so far!

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