Wash & Go’s don’t work for 4c hair

When you go natural the first thing you hear about is the wash & go. It’s the most used term in the ‘world of natural hair’. For people who don’t know what it is: it’s washing your hair and adding gel while is wet to give your natural curls more definition and you are ready to go.

So the first thing I did after my big chop was a wash & go. I have to say that I only did this method during my twa (teeny weeny afro). Each time I was hoping that my hair was not turning white because of the gel and I was hoping that my curls would pop. When my hair was dry at the end of the day you still saw some white dried up residu, but I was not giving up. But after six months I stopped with the wash & go’s…cause it was not working for my hair.
So I saw this video of youtuber Glamfun on the facebook page  4c Natural Hair Chicks… I can relate to her and it is sooo funny!!!

So ladies with 4c natural hair: Are Wash & Go’s working for you?


12 thoughts on “Wash & Go’s don’t work for 4c hair

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  3. Hiya Curly,

    This is so true!!!! I have tried “Wash & Go’s”, 3 hours later still in shower, hehehehe.

    Thanks for putting that out there, because all I do is wasted product and time while I could have been doing some other fab style that works with my hair texture!!

    Keep up the great posts!!!

  4. Chantelle

    I feel your pain and used to think so too until I stumbled across this: 30hairdetox.com and chocolatecurlsbeauty.com It started as a 30 day challenge based entirely on the true science of hair and hair care, designed by 2 natural hair professionals. It’s not just any challenge and the response and feedback from women across the country is overwhelming, including myself. They lay down so much knowledge! They specialize in helping women with proper hair care, hydration, conditioning and perfecting the wash and Go’s using the right combination of products and methods and getting wash days down to less than an hour. I’ve even learned to perfect my twist outs for the first time in 5 years. And haven’t used any oils in my hair in 2 months…going on forever. They’ll be rolling out a 7 wash and go challenge in the beginning of May and a new detox challenge in June. It’s so worth it!!

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