Wash & Go’s don’t work for 4c hair

When you go natural the first thing you hear about is the wash & go. It’s the most used term in the ‘world of natural hair’. For people who don’t know what it is: it’s washing your hair and adding gel while is wet to give your natural curls more definition and you are ready to go.

So the first thing I did after my big chop was a wash & go. I have to say that I only did this method during my twa (teeny weeny afro). Each time I was hoping that my hair was not turning white because of the gel and I was hoping that my curls would pop. When my hair was dry at the end of the day you still saw some white dried up residu, but I was not giving up. But after six months I stopped with the wash & go’s…cause it was not working for my hair.
So I saw this video of youtuber Glamfun on the facebook page  4c Natural Hair Chicks… I can relate to her and it is sooo funny!!!

So ladies with 4c natural hair: Are Wash & Go’s working for you?